Empire Distributing is always happy to help answer any questions that you might have regarding our products.  If we are unable to assist you, then we will take the extra step to make sure that we do.  It is always important to contact the retailer that you purchased your unit from first as they already know your history.  If they are unable to assist you, they will then take the necessary steps to find the answer.
Q.) How do I find a retailer in my area?
A.)On our webpage, go to Inquiries and select Where to Buy.  Search for your zip code in your area to find the retailer nearest you.
Q.)How do I find out pricing on your products?
A.)Please contact the retailer nearest you for product pricing.
Q.)Who do I speak to about warrany information or replacement parts for my unit?
A.)The first place you can look is in your unit's Owner's Manual.  Warranty information will be found near the back of the manual.  Then you should contact the retailer you purchased the unit from and they will be happy to help get the parts for you.
Q.)Can consumers purchase products directly from Empire Distributing instead of going through a retailer?
A.)No, please contact one of our retailers nearest you.
Q.)How do I become a dealer?
A.)Please call our office and ask to speak to a Sales Rep.
Note:  Not all products are available in all areas        

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